White Sage Tarot, in a tin, by US Games arrives YEY!

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I’m so excited, for a little while I’ve been on the look out for a small tarot deck in a tin. Not being a fan of classic RWS or Marseilles styles nor cats I hadn’t found one I liked UNTIL I saw Hermits Cave video on You Tube featuring White Sage Tarot by Theresa Hutch.

White Sage Tarot

The first edition was available through the authors website and was the one Simon was showing but US Games had the rights and were producing a mass market version, pocket size and in a tin. This is a soft pastel coloured deck featuring animals.

Features and benefits

This is for US Games version of the deck pocket size cards in a tin.

ISBN:13: 978-1-57281-954-2

ISBN:10: 1-57281-954-5

Made by US Games so great card stock. The card is thinner than their other decks I have but thicker than the Green Witch Tarot by Llewellyn. Card size 9.5cm x 5.5cm.

Boarderless around the top and both sides of the image with a section at the base of the card which is white and has the card title, same styling as the authors original deck.

Card backs are grey basket weave effect looks like zentangle basket weave design.

I love the illustrated images, from water colour paintings. Each suit has its own animal for the court cards and the animals are posed with crowns  and with the suit object so wands, cups, swords, pentacles. Ace to tens are pip images with ribons of chakra colours woven through them. Stunningly beautiful (IMHO).

The lettering style is in capitals throughout, grey ink and sans serif so no weird ‘bits’ on the letters that for a dyslexic like me find so hard to read.

The tin is wonderful, sturdy and colour matched to the muted pastel tones of the deck.

Because these are little the little white book is also little but there is a more detailed version of the LWB available on Theresa Hutch’s website.

I am beyond happy with this deck, I love my Spiritsong by Paulina Cassidy but this one is a little stunner, pocket size and in a TIN. Now I just need good light n working hands to hem a fat quarter to make a reading cloth for it (dusts off the sewing machine).

Thank you Theresa Hutch for a beautiful deck.


Theresa Hutch this is her website, if you order from here you can choose full size 1st edition cards in the cardboard box or US Games version of this deck in pocket sized cards in the metal tin. This is also where you can download the longer version of the LWB.

US Games The main site does not ship internationally

Amazon UK had a few instock earlier in the week when I ordered

Wordery also had a few, but looks like they sold out, but u can sign up to get an email from them when they have more in.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon