National Poetry day meets INKtober 2018

Welcome Back

The INKtober official prompt for today was SPELL and as I opened the back door this morning, in the fog I saw something that immediately prompted not just art but a poem too, handy as its also National Poetry Day. I had planned a bit of a mash up today between; Inktober and Poetry day but life had other ideas, the poem got written but sadly the art didn’t get to the page so here is the poem and hopefully the art will get added at a later date.


The spider weaves her magic spell,

In silken thread at night,

To catch her pray within her web,

When they are low in light.

How patiently, she sits nearby,

To see who’ll come to dine,

Then binds them tight to hold them still

Within her silken larder.


Hope I can add some art to this page at a later date for the Inktober part.

Thanks for reading, see you soon