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Today I’d like to share a few tips on how and where you can buy crystals.

Buy in person if you can

Crystals like people are unique, individual, and have their own personalities. Just because you don’t get on with one piece doesn’t mean another will not feel totally different for you. This is why the very best way to buy crystals is in person, if you possibly can. You can then hold the crystal and get a feel for how that piece feels to you.

As an example I have two pieces of green flourite, one piece feels like red bull and gives me lots of fizzy energy wakes me up big time, the other is soothing and gentle and really relaxing.  Buying in person also means you can garuntee you get the actual crystal you have seen and if you find a good shop, perhaps can ask the staff questions about the crystal and its properties.

Buying online

There are many reasons why you may not be able to get to a crystal store in person, so if you are buying online, here are some things to watch out for.

  1. Be sure the crystal pictured is the ACTUAL one you will be sent. If in doubt its ok to ask. If you haven’t been able to hold the crystal in person and are going by what you see alone, if you connect to a certain piece, you want to be sure that is the one you are getting.
  2. The more obvious times when you will get a random crystal are when sellers use terms such as; ‘You will be sent a crystal ‘like’ or ‘similar’ to the one pictured’ also if they are listing several crystal on the same listing.
  3. Good sellers won’t mind you asking to be sure.
  4. Crystals are heavy so if you are going for larger pieces shipping charges can be high.
  5. If you are purchasing from outside of your own country, be prepared not just for high shipping fees but additional fees for taxes that may need to be paid when the crystal arrives in your country. As an example I live in the UK and a £40 sphere from the USA cost £25 in shipping but because item was over £15 and was from outside the UK there was 20% VAT plus Royal Mail fee of £8.00 to collect that fee. Not saying only buy from your own country, just do some research so you aren’t surprised by additional fees.

Places I like to buy my crystals

UK sellers

Where can I find out more about crystals

One of my favorite places to find out about crystals is Adam Barralet on You Tube, he gives descriptions of the stones properties, associations and so on.

Books about crystals

If you can find a copy of Love is in the Earth a Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody, that is a good reference book if you know the name of the crystal you want to find out more about, or if you want to search by ailment/issue and to find out which crystals are good for supporting that.

Here is a video by Wild Moon Woman, with a review of the Love is in the Earth.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon