Winter Survival Plan: November 2016

Welcome Back

For a number of reasons I find the winter months very difficult, so for all those whose hearts also sink as the light levels drop here are a few sites n projects that I would like to share to help us through the long winter evenings. These are just a few ways I’m going to use to distract from the anxiety and depression and hopefully add to my mindfulness options as a gentler way to deal with difficult times. Enjoy

Poem A Day (PAD) Chapbook Challenge over on Writers Digest

This is a twice yearly event one in April and another in NOvember, where the lovely people post daily prompts for you to write poetry too. You can post your finished pieces to the site, or submit them to the competition itself, but for me I just like to write down all the prompts and write as the muse grabs me. If you would like to join in, I’ll add a link at the end of the post. All you need is a journal and a pencil so its free to play at this level.

Susannah Conway e-course Daily Guidance

As those of you who read this regularly may know, I have taken Susannah’s The Sacred Alone course earlier in the year and it was AMAZING!!!!! I adore Oracle cards and it was mention of this course that got me into them when I first visited her website earlier in the year. Daily Guidance is going to cover using Oracle cards and Tarot cards in an intuative way, for personal growth and journalling. I adore journalling, when my hands allow. I have to admit that until recently I have had no interest in Tarot and if I’m really honest viewed it in a bad light. BUT being open minded I wanted to learn more and although when I signed up for this course was going to focus on the Oracle deck side of things, I am now the proud owner of two lovely Tarot decks, and am eager to learn to use them for healing and spiritual growth. Link to the class at the end of the post. My two Tarot decks are The Dreaming Way and also The Gaian Tarot, I could continue of my love for these decks but that is for another post. I’m trying to sit on my hands and NOT fall into the collector of Tarot decks like I have become with the Oracle decks but perhaps different Tarot decks also share different energies like the Oracle decks do so more may well happen in time.

There are other e-courses on different subjects on Susannah’s website too.

Joanna Powell Colbert e-courses

One of the Tarot decks I purchased was Joanna Powell Colbert’s The Gaian Tarot, there will be a very gushy post at another time as to how wonderful this is but on visiting her site and following her on Twitter I found out about an E-course called 30 Days of Hecate –  A Daily Sacred Pause of Welcoming Hallowmas. Link at the end of the post. I admit to knowing nothing about Hecate but I am expolring my spiritual options this year, I adored Denise Linn’s book Kindling the Native Spirit and my body is certainly very in tune with the weather and seasons as pain levels and more are also very effected by them so I am interested in learning more about earth based practices. Join up quick on this one as it starts 24th October.

When my hands allow I have also been batch making soup n such for the freezer so when I feel exhausted or my hands don’t work there will still be another option to a ready meal as an option in the freezer. Yes food does make a big difference to mood, so eat as well as your health allows. May the weather be kind, may you find hope courage and comfort in what ever you do to plan a coping strategy through the long dark evenings. Let me know what your strategies are, would love to hear about them, and your fave Oracle and Tarot decks too. #Confession I’ve also started a collection of Tarot books, but not all have arrived yet and I will hold off reading them till AFTER Susannah’s class.

Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell

This is my book of the month, need to swap the copy I have as it arrived damaged but she is an amazing empowering writer and since I loved her Light is the New Black book so much I HAD to get this too.


Best wishes and thanks for reading, look forward to hearing your strategies for winter.


B x


Wellness Wednesday 4: Affirmation cards and Oracle Decks

Welcome Back

Its the time of the week when we check in with ourselves and ask; ‘How’s it going?’ today I’d like to share my daily practice, what led to it and how it helps, when the answer to the question above isn’t a positive one.

Daily Practice

This started after taking Susannah Conway’s e-course The Sacred Alone. My day currently starts with. Meditation, before my head has a chance to get too busy on me. This is followed by picking a card or more from one of my decks, if the cards really ‘speak to me’ as in I really connect or react to an image, then I journal about that for a little while. Then I finish with a daily reading from Kyle Gray’s book Raise Your Vibration to give me a positive start to the day.

Breakfast with gentle music not blaring TV n doom n gloom news. I know this doesn’t sound achievable for a lot of people but for those of us who are shun ins (agoraphobia means I can’t go out) then it can have a massive difference to the way your head starts the day. It can in time also help you want to preserve that softer, gentler head space and for me that means, I’m less likely to put tv on unless there is something I really want to see and instead invest the time in a book I really want to read or a magazine that inspires me too.

When you start to achieve softer spaces in your day, they can make a really big difference to all areas of your life. I hope you are finding your own ways to create this with this project we have been doing this month, with Self Love September.

My journey with these kinds of cards began after my husband died. Am I trying to contact him with them NO, its not about that, its about tuning into my own heart n soul. Listening to the heart whispers, the soul whispers. We all have them and they don’t always just whisper, still a skeptic? Think of the last time you saw an amazing pair of shoes, or car and your heart skipped a beat or did that happy squeal of delight at even the thought it you could one day own them, that’s a soul whisper 😉

The thing is, for me when I lost someone who was my soul mate, it made me feel like I had been blown in to a million pieces, it takes time to find all the pieces, and they sure as heck don’t always go back where they came from and you don’t always find them all.

There is some massive rewiring that goes on when you loose all that made sense to you in the past as well as the person you loved so deeply. You look at this ‘new world’ that you don’t feel part of anymore and feel like you are in free-fall. Someone once said ‘When you have your heart broken, or become that broken, it leaves you open to  new things’ and that’s how its been for me.

Since nothing made sense, the rules have gone, lets see what else is out there. Do what you always do get what you always got, so what happens if I try different things. That is the page I’m on now, trying new things, seeing what feels nice n what doesn’t its square one day one for me. Sometimes only through complete surrender to a situation, does it make shifting into new patterns possible.

Affirmation decks

Before you take to the hills at this title, lets start slow. Are you one of those people who has a board on Pinterest for all those amazing quotes that really touch your heart? Yep hands up me too. I went on to make my own affirmation cards from my favorites and have a little note book with some that were really special as a go too book for hopeful messages, when I feel low. Its good to step away from technology, have something tactile in your hands.

If all that sounds a bit hard work, did you know you can buy beautifully made decks of cards with these healing words on? Well ya can! The two I have gone for are The Four Agreements and also Miracles now. I love the concept of The Four Agreements and hope to buy the book later in the year, the images on the cards seem quite art journal style which also attracted me too them.

Walk through on You Tube by Madam LaVey

The other set that I have on order and I hope by the time this goes live, will be in my hands is; Miracles Now. Rebecca Campbell speaks highly of the author Gabrielle Bernstein and I saw a video of them by New Age Hipster on You Tube. If you are enjoying Light is the New Black, these are along similar uplifting, motivational lines.


Oracle Cards

Still with me, YEY high five! Don’t be worried these aren’t all woo woo, not all scary images (not the deck’s I’ll share with you) and certainly NOT about calling up those who have gone before, well not to me in how I use them. I’ll tell you the story if you grab a brew n settle in for a long post 😉 Well the nights are drawing in and maybe you like a story 🙂

After a visit to Susannah Conway’s website where she wrote a post about Oracle decks I was curious. Followed a link and ended up on Blue Angel Publishing’s website n found Kuan Yin deck. Went to the author’s website Alana Fairchild where she has an online oracle version of the deck for you to try out. Go for the one with the lady with her arms above her head. The writing next to the deck image is a cut down version of the books description but you will get the idea. You can also buy these decks on Amazon.


Still being a cautions soul, I next went to You Tube to see a walk through of the deck, this is controversial and dubious copyright but I don’t see it that way and although it has put me off buying some decks, it has encouraged me to buy way more than I otherwise would habe bought. (They are addictive, because the art is so nice and each deck has different vibe n different focus on things). I ordered Kuan Yin from Amazon and its AMAZING, so kind, so gentle so healing. My late husband used to say ‘listen to your heart’ but I am indecisive n any decision I would bat too and fro for ages so I struggled to do that. For me I meditate to slow my busy head, shuffle the cards and see what comes up. Sometimes and particularly with the Kuan Yin deck I just let one card fall out and read the book. It has such kind healing words, I needed to hear that. I don’t see or talk to people enough to hear kind words as often as I need to hear them and this deck fills that gap for me.

I also have Gaia Oracle with art work by Toni Salerno, I love this deck as there is so much in the images that I often don’t read the book but see what they say to me. Before you scoff, we all do it, look at the cover of a book and feel a reaction to the image, this is no different to that. As for interpreting the image, think English Literature class at school you all read the same book and all had your own view on it. That’s how the card reading goes for me.


Being drawn to nature I adore the Denise Linn Native Spirit oracle. Personally although I have no known connection to Native American culture, I have always loved and respected it, for the way it honors everything around it in nature. These cards have stunning images which I wanted to meditate on and again this deck I mostly just feel how i feel about the image n don’t read the book


You Tube walk through of the Native Spirit Deck by Lavender Moon Witch

Well this post got way longer than I expected, and way more personal than I’d intended. But these cards can be really useful for healing old wounds and I just wanted to share some options for healing and therapy when you can’t access or don’t feel comfortable with other routes.

Thank you so much for reading, most of these come up on Amazon as and when available or you can get them through the publishers especially if you are outside the UK.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon. Namaste.



Meditation Monday 4: Sleep meditation

Welcome Back

Today’s unguided meditation is from  You Tube channel; Sleep Music Relaxation zone. Please do not play this video while you are driving or operating machinery of any kind since as the title suggests its designed to deeply relax you and may well send you to restful sleep.

I hope you enjoy this meditation music and find it soothing. For more meditations, check out You Tube and type in the kind of meditation you would like. Guided or unguided and then energizing or relaxing, there are so many to choose from.

Meditation can be a really good way to explore your emotions on new levels and find the quiet peaceful places that are within us but we cannot see/feel when we are rushing around in our daily lives.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon. Namaste


Feel Good Friday 4. The Sacred Alone

Welcome Back

We made it through another week, phew, how was it for you? Its that time in the week where we treat ourselves to a little something special to celebrate making it though. As we near the end of this course with me, I want to share details of the most wonderful e-course which I took earlier in the year and would highly recommend to everyone. Its called The Sacred Alone by Susannah Conway.

The Sacred Alone

the sacred alone title

Like me Susannah was widowed young and has had to find new ways to find her way in the world. This course isn’t just for the bereaved, its for anyone who is or feels alone and really isn’t that cool with it…YET. This course is so amazing, kind, nurturing, healing. Becoming used to being alone is a process and evolution takes time but with this course she helps you find ways that make it feel different, kinder, softer, less intimidating.

This course was a life changer to me, and using the practices from it I hope will help me through another long winter. During the course you will receive a daily email, Monday to Friday with such healing words of hope n comfort and at the end a pdf to download and keep of the entire course, which I love! There is mindfulness, meditation and visualizations. Let’s let Susannah explain more about it on her website

You deserve to treat yourself to this, if you read the description and like I did, cry because it sounded so perfect, then listen to your heart and go for it.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon, Namaste.



Feel Good Friday 3; Miracles Now

Welcome Back

We made it through another week, yey us! High 5! What will be your chosen treat this week? If like me you are a Pinterest fan and love all those quotes, then I’d like to introduce you to a deck of positive affirmation cards, these are by Gabrielle Bernstein.

Self Love September Bookshelf

My Treat of the week is:


If you enjoyed the concept of the achievement cards we made, these are a similar idea. Positive messages to read or have on your desk each day. Thought for the day, that sort of thing.

There are other decks available in this concept, type in affirmation deck to Amazon and see which style grabs you. I admit to always popping over to You Tube to search for any deck going on my wish list, to see if there is a flip through of the deck to see if the images or words are what I was expecting. 😉 LOVE the colours used on the deck and they have some really positive, uplifting and motivational words on them too.

Free fun Friday

Why not create your own, either on cards like we did earlier in the week, or perhaps with a small journal, write down your favorite quotes from Pinterest or that you come across during your day,to create you own Feel Good Journal to turn to when you are feeling low.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon. Namaste


Technical difficulties and healing

Welcome Back

On the positive side, on a spiritual level things are on the up. Between injuring my arms; dear old RSI flares up, and no computer for over a month, it has given me time to contemplate my navel! To listen to my soul whispers and begin to not just recognize them but honor and go with them, to follow a few and see where they lead. The black dog of depression is still ever present and flippin heavy sitting on my chest, but I am attempting to turn towards the light.

Beautiful Healing Books

I’ve been reading, well the kindle reads them too me when I can’t see straight, a number of excellent books.

  • Kindling the Native Spirit; Sacred Practices for Everyday Life by Denise Linn. AMAZING life changing book! I got it on Kindle but want the paperback too.
  • Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell. Really empowering book got it on Kindle and another I’ll be getting in paperback too. Life changing, affirming, wonderful. You need this book in your life if you feel let down by the world around you.
  • Radical Self Love by Gala Darling. Saw an article of hers in Spirit and Destiny mag and was fascinated by her, have only just started this book but really  love it. I almost made a mistake and didn’t buy this when I found out how young she was, compaired to me BIG error! Its not who you are, where you are or your age its what you have learned and she has been through a lot and learnt a lot. Don’t count the decades, just look at the wisdom. Bless you Gala, I’m glad my soul kept calling me back to your work.

Oracle cards

I have also been finding comfort in Oracle cards. Choosing the right deck for you is essential, one who’s art works calls to you and its a bit of trial and error. But find the match and they can be really healing companions for soul work.

  • Kuan Yin Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild, published by Blue Angel SO much love and healing in this deck. If you don’t have someone in your life that says nice things to you, encourages you, wants the best for you but you would love to hear kind words this is the oracle for you. If you don’t have big hands, there is a pocket deck coming out January 2017. You can try this deck online at Alana’s website, see the link further down this page. A kind, gentle, healing deck. No intimidating images, but great for support. No scary words at all in this deck.
  • Native Spirit Oracle deck by Denise Linn. The photography on these cards is stunning, so peaceful, inspirational and good ones to meditate with. Even if you choose not to read guide book description of these cards, imagining yourself in the places pictured is also very soothing. Here’s a You Tube walk through of this deck.
  • Namaste cards. If you are one of those people who collects positive affirmations on your Pinterest board, this card deck is for you. Shuffle the deck n pick your card for the day.
  • Gaia Oracle, artwork by Tony Carmine Salerno also by Blue Angel publisher. I love Toni’s Art work, this is the third deck I bought and I like to feel the response to the art work often more than the guide book. This deck does have slightly more challenging cards in it, not scary but if you feel that hearing more challenging things is not ok right now, I’d recommend Kuan Yin deck; mentioned above. Have a look at the video on You Tube of this walk through of the Gaia deck.

If these aren’t calling to you there are lots more on Blue Angel website. I recommend you do a search of you chosen deck on you tube to get a chance of seeing all the pictures in the deck if someone has done a review video.

If this is all new to you, have a look on Alana Fairchild’s website where you can try some of her oracle decks online Alana Fairchild; Online Oracle page. This is just an excerpt of the Kuan Yin book but you can get a feel for the deck from that.

Crystals have also played a part in my soul nurturing and have helped too.

Highly recommend: Spiritual Planet. They send you the crystal pictured, so if you fall for a certain one, that is the actual one you get. They also ship really fast and have lovely descriptions of the meanings and connections with each crystal on their site.

Crystals really feed my inner magpie, I love colour, light and collecting, not especially shiny things but colour definitely. For the skeptical, that’s fine, I honor your view point, to each his/her own but if you have an open mind and an open heart, I would recommend a nose round some crystal shops if you can get out and about or see if any sing to you online.

Two things to look out for, if you do shop online; 1. Size, check the size of the item, they aren’t always pictured next to things for reference. 2. Are you getting the actual one pictured, some sellers do send the one in the photo others one in that kind of stone but not the actual one.

Why the long break

My laptop has taken to eating its own memory so has been in computer hospital for a while. Fingers crossed it will play nice for a while. I am also trying to change my email address on this site, so if you don’t see posts for a while, it will be down to issues relating to that.

Its been a time of nurturing and resting as best I can, have had no other choice when pain gets this bad. BUT good things have come from it and I now try to listen more to my heart n soul.

May your day be as gentle with you as it can be, may you find ways to make right now feel softer.

Sending you peace, light, hope n compassion.


Billie x


The Mean Girl

Welcome Back

They often say you shouldn’t listen to the negative narration in your life, but its not always easy not too. Today’s poem explores that.

Mean Girl

A mean girl lives inside me,

She’s really not my friend

She’s made of all the dark stuff

And makes me cry again.


She whispers bad memories to me,

She narrates my every day

But coz she’s full of bad stuff

She knows just what to say.


She often leaves me crying

Lying shaking on the floor,

Not wanting to get up again,

I don’t want anymore.


I shouldn’t listen to her,

I know she isn’t being kind.

But she really is persuasive

And lives inside my mind


Sometimes she has a day off.

And Oh what joy that brings

To have some space and quietness

It really gives me wings.


I’m learning not to listen,

To the bad stuff that she says

To wait until she’s finished

Then do something else instead.


Alternative last line….

‘And just go back to bed.’


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


B x