National Poetry day meets INKtober 2018

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The INKtober official prompt for today was SPELL and as I opened the back door this morning, in the fog I saw something that immediately prompted not just art but a poem too, handy as its also National Poetry Day. I had planned a bit of a mash up today between; Inktober and Poetry day but life had other ideas, the poem got written but sadly the art didn’t get to the page so here is the poem and hopefully the art will get added at a later date.


The spider weaves her magic spell,

In silken thread at night,

To catch her pray within her web,

When they are low in light.

How patiently, she sits nearby,

To see who’ll come to dine,

Then binds them tight to hold them still

Within her silken larder.


Hope I can add some art to this page at a later date for the Inktober part.

Thanks for reading, see you soon


INKtober next week, who’s in?

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Autumn can be tough, the long nights and for me a raft of difficult anniversaries triggering a lot of emotions. In November I play along with PAD Challenge, poem a day. This year to help me through October I’m going to give INKtober a go.

What is INKtober, its a 31 day challenge to make art everyday. I will post some video links in the coming days with more information about this.

For my INKtober 2018

I’m going to be using the following supplies

  • Dip Pens and ink
  • Brush Pens
  • Fineliners


I’m thinking, keep it simple. Its a tricky month for me so this is mostly about seeing how I get on with the supplies above rather than taxing my imagination and skills too much.

  • Zentangle
  • Calligraphy
  • General doodling


I think I’m going to go away from the official list and have this as a self care practice, nurtuing, inspiring that kind of thing.  Lets just say Jayne Hardy new book 365 Days of Self Care Jounal I just got, has lots of inspiring words in. Right now that may well be an alternative starting point.

Keep reading for where you can get that book.


  • Jake Parker is the artist who came up with the INKtober concept. Here is the official Inktober website. Inktober official website

Jayne Hardy

So heads up I just contacted Jayne Hardy and she was fine for the words in her book 365 Days of Self Care Journal to be used this way. Thanks Jayne. So if you want nurturing, kind gentle words for your inktober prompts and are looking for a mindfulness kind of diversion with your INKtober.

Screenshot_2018-09-25 365 Days of Self-Care A Journal

365 Days of Self-Care Journal by Jayne Hardy


Here is a link to find Jayne Hardy’s new book and Jayne on Twitter.

Who needs a hug right now?

Want to join in with INKtober but feeling a bit anxious? Struggle with anxiety and depression? Have you heard of Blurt? They make the most wonderful self care boxes, you can buy single ones, or join for a monthly box subscription. They are like a hug in a box, full of things to delight your senses and connect you to the inner you.

Want the 365 Days of Self Care Journal book and a bundle of other goodies, a whole hug in a box? Rush over to Blurt where you can buy a Buddy box, which has the book and a package of treats to hold safe space for you when the world gets too much.

Screenshot_2018-09-25 'Self-Care Through The Grotty Times' BuddyBox - The Blurt Foundation

Blurt Buddy box for September 2018. Includes Jayne Hardy’s new book; 365 Days of Self-Care.

Self Care through the Grotty times. This link is for a one off purchase of a Buddy box that has the 365 Days of Self care journal in it. While Stocks last.

We can do this, we can take time for ourselves and our art supplies. Come and gather your fave ink related products n put them on your desk. Pretty aren’t they, tempting aren’t they? Lets find some paper and make some art. Ned permission?

I give you permission to take a journal and in it write this prompt from Suzi Blu

‘In this journal, I give myself permission to make the worst art imaginable’.

That quote can make all the difference. You can share you pics online if that feels good, or NOT if it doesn’t. Its about doing something that makes your heart skip a beat for good reasons. Take supplies scribble, and colour in the gaps, if just having the supplies out on your desk made you smile then YEY, that’s totally awesome.

Can’t face actual drawing? Its ok, how about using a colouring book and dedicating a bit of time each day to use that instead. I know its not ‘quite’ what they had in mind but hey, KISS principle here. Keeping It Simple Simon or Simone 😉

Namaste one and all.





Wellness Wednesday: Art Saves

Welcome Back

Today I’d like to share some places I’ve found to help me follow my bliss in the Art Saves category. I need art like I need air. I don’t often have the mojo or energy to create but I still need art, to watch others create, to read about it, or sometimes just sitting with an open box of crayola crayons drinking in that soothing smell.

Here are some places you can find some art bliss.

Kelly Rae Roberts is a wonderful artist, her book Taking Flight; Inspiration and techniques to give your creative spirit wings was a real life changer for me, its what gave me the courage to start my other blog Billies Craft Room ten years ago. I was just in the right place at the right time recently to be able to take her up on her special offer price for all her online classes. I’ve wanted to take her Mixed media Matras classs for so long and as soon as I heard her read a chapter from that book, I cried, remembering all the reasons I loved her book and the reasons I love art, need art and created the other blog. It brought me home to my art.

Jane Davenport: PLEASE if you haven’t found her before and you like the idea of using your art stash instead of collecting it and stroking it from time to time, please come visit her site. Oh how I wish she had been my teacher in school, she is so empowering and inspiring.

Book: This is the latest book to my art collection; ‘Create Your Life Book’ by Tamara Laporte.


Follow your bliss, do what makes your soul sing, and your heart flutter in a good way. We might not be able to escape the anxiety, depression and grief right now, but having a soul food parcel of things that help us hold safe space for ourselves, to honor the feelings and have a safe way to express them without judgement, correction or shame can sometimes really help.

Not ready to create from scratch but still want to play? I give you permission to purchase one of the colouring books meant for grown ups with patterns, or animals or whatever calls to you, and raid the kids pencils cases, or treat yourself to some pencils or pens or paints, meditation for the soul doesn’t always have to be cross legged on the floor. It can also be curled up on the sofa with a colouring book and pencils. Please feel free to follow what you are called towards, that makes this moment feel softer.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon



My art is calling to me, poem

Welcome Back

Recently I made a sympathy card for a close friend, it was the first card I had made since DH passed but something special happened as a result. My muse woke up, my art started calling to me, my creative spirit that I though had been burried with my husband, started to call out to me. I am thankful.

Here is the poem that my muse whispered to me.

My Creative Muse

On an island far away sits a siren.

She is calling to my soul; ‘Don’t let us part’.

But I could not hear her song,

with my husband now long gone,

For my heart is full of grief,

And my eyes are full of tears

All are blocking up my ears.


But my muse upon the rock

She has waited.

For the mist to start to lift,

For the fog to start to clear,

Now she wispers in my ear;

‘I’m your art and I am here’.

‘Come to me’.


As I wade across the water

Pull her close like she’s my daughter

Or the person I’m inside

That’s been too scared to step outside.

Still she whispers in my ear

‘Im your art and I am here’

‘Stay with me’.


As we sit there side by side,

She holds me close and lets me cry.

Dabs a tissue to my eye,

As she whispers in my ear;

‘Im your art and I am here’.

‘You are safe and you are home,

I won’t let you be alone.’


Confessions of an art supplies Junkie

I’m thankful for my art making a comeback, so much has happened, so much has changed. I shattered into a million pieces when DH passed. I am thankful to have found this one fragment of myself that is so dear to me. Art has helped me through so much in my life so far. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it back before, I was indifferent to it and everything else. Its not about moving on, or forward or anything like that. Its just finding a scrap of myself that is worth holding onto.

As a result I have been having a self love/manifestation month, collecting stamps, books, pencils and now art lessons with Jane Davenport. All this thanks to making a card for a friend, then watching a You Tube video on Mixed media journaling which led me to Dina Wakley who showed how to draw a face. This went so well I ordered her book and Amazon did their classic ‘other people who bought this, also went for this..’ and offered me Jane Davenports book. From there I discovered her free class, which was so amazing I took a paid class called Supplies Me, which is so fantastic that I’ve signed up for three more of her classes. Drawing Beautiful Faces, Express Yourself (drawing different emotions) and the figure drawing class I heart Drawing. I hope you can forgive a gush moment but this is so HUGE for me, I am so so thankful for so much creatively at the moment. I thought this part of me was gone forever. Turns out she was just waiting for the right time to come out of the shadows. This and the classes are the entire years happy budget and beyond, I don’t care if I eat only weetabix for the rest of the year it will be worth it to follow my heart and follow my dream.


I have always loved art, but not had the confidence to draw well, rubber stamping has bridged the gap for a while but still what I most wanted to do was draw. Mixed media painting was good, but learning how to draw so I can pick up a pencil and paper and have art fall like rainbows out of the end of my pencil, well, its all I ever wanted and these classes are helping me do that. Thank you Universe for helping me find my art again, for helping me find mixed media, Dina Wakely and Jane Davenport.

I have never been one for posh clothes or jewelery, stationary is my thing, pens, pencils paper paint. I have a stash of materials and look forward to learnging how to use them well. These classes are lifetime access and online which being housebound is perfect for me. If you want to find out more about the classes I’m taking I blogged about them on my art blog.

Sending you the courage to hold on, till your soul helps call back to you, what it most needs and wants to help you get through each moment. Be still and listen, you can’t push it, or rush it, its a waiting game.

I hope you too can find the pieces of yourself that you miss and that want to come back to you.

Peace n light