This blog is about sharing beautiful pictures of tranquil places, inspirational quotes, books to promote healing and finding inner peace. Links to websites that have helped me and I hope will help you too, to get through the next ten minutes and then the next, which sometimes is as much as we can cope with. If your world is spinning too fast and you are struggling to find the energy to keep up, this blog is for you.

This blog is not about bereavement, gardening and mental health issues as such but it is about learning how to try to heal and live with those issues. It is about finding peaceful spaces in your world, places to breath in and out, giving yourself headspace to try to heal.

I have been reading Pema Chodron books and she talks about how a lot of our suffering is brought about because we are in conflict with how things are. We want to be calm, peaceful, comfortable, not in pain and when the world has other ideas we fight and reel against it. This is what causes us pain and keeps us suffering.

This is about finding ways to heal, which aren’t destructive to us but support us where we are right now and learning to be ok with that.

I’m a female 40 something, lost, and trying to find a way back from Planet Grief with my two feathered companions. Missing my DH more than words can say.

B x


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  1. Hi! I’m so glad I found you again…I followed you a few years back, before (and shortly after) the terrible loss for you happened and I also got very ill, so I lost touch. However, recently I saw a few comments from you on art YT videos, so I looked for you, very glad that you were still online. Getting through each day as best we can, jumping from good moment to good moment like lily pads in a pond, is all we can do. (a friend told me that, so I’m passing it on, heh!) Best wishes from Scotland 🙂 x

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    • Hi Thanks for your kind words. I’m so sorry you have been ill, sending healing vibes your way.

      My art muse has waited for me and been calling to me, have posted a few things on the original blog. I have found Jane davenport classes and thats the way the art is going for me atm. I’d love the energy to play with acrylics again, to play with the geli plate but the space I used to create in is not habitable now and its upsetting to face ditching all that was out there. I’ve just found bjds and they are tempting me back into hobbies from ‘before’. The world is so changed and I am still trying to figure out gravity in this altered world I find myself in now.

      Just been to your blog. LOVE your altered bread bin and the watercolour doodles you recently posted. will come follow you too.

      Sending you as kind an evening as possible


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