Wardrobe Makeover Part 1: A Game of Snap

Welcome Back

Open your wardrobe, take a moment to look, close your eyes and tell me how it makes you feel? Do you have the happy glow of someone in their fave shop, or are you now feeling sad, fed up, miserable maybe even angry? Do you look longingly at those adverts for fancy wardrobes where its all lined up like a shop n think, that would be so nice? but without the funds to make that a reality? I’m going to share my journey of how I turn overwhelm into happy smile when I open the wardrobe door.

Now before u say ‘I don’t have timeto do this myself….’ Here is something very important you need to know about me; I have anxiety, depression, chronic pain and minimum dexterity. For most of the time any one of those or when they gang up together, makes it pretty much impossible to process things. It makes it hard to think, to move, to dress, undress or haul things about. So this isn’t going to be one of those done in an afternoon projects, this is coming from a ’15 minutes at a time, maximum’ projects.

Do you have lots of clothes but stick to the same ones every time? I know I do, I HATE clothes shopping! For me clothes come in two sizes, too big and too small. With the minimum dexterity decididing what I can actually get on or off, plus a tricky figure, it really narrows down the choice. Its practical over pretty for me. So I hope you will join me and maybe give this a try for yourself too.

Free shopping at home

In this first part, nothing is leaving the building! I’m going to take this wardrobe n turn it into my very own favorite shop. Where everything fits, I can find what I need really easily. It will take as long as it takes, but I’m going to be super kind to myself, pace myself and make this feel possible. There’s a good reason for every item in this wardrobe, its just not all of it might be right for me right now.

Stage 1: A Game of Snap

I started at one end of the wardrobe, and little by little over a number of weeks, sorted things by type.

  • Tops
  • Skirts
  • Trousers
  • Jumpers
  • Coats

With chronic pain this litterally 3 items at a session and no more and days or more to recover. So yeah, you can totally do this in 10 minutes if you are prepaired to stick with it and keep going over the coming weeks.

If you are blessed with no pain and limitless energy, go for it! Do it as fast or slow as your body allows. The timer is a way to keep focused, rather than getting overwhelmed or in my case stopping me doing it for too long n risking injury.

Snap Level 2

Like any good game of snap, each time I moved something to the other ‘sorted’ end of the wardrobe and added it to one of those sections, I listed above, I also grouped it by

  1. Style
  2. Colour

So skirts of the same length go together, and then grouped by colour.

Shirts get put into sleeve length and then colour

Why Do I need to put stuff together like that

  1. I can quickly go to the exact style of item that I want
  2. I find out if I have more than one item of that already- handy when you see an offer on something, you can quickly check if you have something like that already or DO need one 😉
  3. Shuffling makes the task smaller and more achiveable. I can’t process too much at once in my head before my body or mind get overwhelmed. Shuffling means focus on one aspect of the task at a time. ‘Just sort by type, just sort by design, just sort by colour.’ Because each has its own group, they are much smaller than dealing with any of it as a whole

Trust me, I know this sounds like a faff, that its more shuffling rather than feeling like sorting but its a way to make this feel smaller, more achivable n no floordrobe or mountains of stuff at your feet that can feel overwhelming.I’m not kidding when I say my pain levels mean I can only do about 3 items a day and thats now and then, not every day.

I’m playing the LONG game here. This means when I want a cardigan, I can just go to the cardi section and grab the colour I want. Yes it takes a while to sort this now (everything does in my life)  but it makes it easier, in the long run.

Think how you shop? If you have 10 minutes and ‘just want a white t shirt’, if you can see where they are in the shop, its straight there isn’t it. Compair that to the ‘free for all’ of a jumble sale, you are never going to find a tshirt quickly in a pile of assorted items.

Come back next time and I’ll share how I started to create a wardrobe that didn’t make me cry sad tears when I opend the door.

I hope sharing my story will help you find kind, loving, respectful ways to empower you to make your wardrobe a happier kinder place to visit too. Small steps are OK, they still get you somewhere it just takes a bit longer.

Billie x


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