My art is calling to me

Welcome Back

Recently I made a sympathy card for a close friend, it was the first card I had made since DH passed but something special happened as a result. My muse woke up, my art started calling to me, my creative spirit that I though had been burried with my husband, started to call out to me. I am thankful.

Here is the poem that my muse whispered to me.

My Creative Muse

On an island far away sits a siren.

She is calling to my soul; ‘Don’t let us part’.

But I could not hear her song,

with my husband now long gone,

For my heart is full of grief,

And my eyes are full of tears

All are blocking up my ears.


But my muse upon the rock

She has waited.

For the mist to start to lift,

For the fog to start to clear,

Now she wispers in my ear;

‘I’m your art and I am here’.

‘Come to me’.


As I wade across the water

Pull her close like she’s my daughter

Or the person I’m inside

That’s been too scared to step outside.

Still she whispers in my ear

‘Im your art and I am here’

‘Stay with me’.


As we sit there side by side,

She holds me close and lets me cry.

Dabs a tissue to my eye,

As she whispers in my ear;

‘Im your art and I am here’.

‘You are safe and you are home,

I won’t let you be alone.’


Confessions of an art supplies Junkie

I’m thankful for my art making a comeback, so much has happened, so much has changed. I shattered into a million pieces when DH passed. I am thankful to have found this one fragment of myself that is so dear to me. Art has helped me through so much in my life so far. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it back before, I was indifferent to it and everything else. Its not about moving on, or forward or anything like that. Its just finding a scrap of myself that is worth holding onto.

As a result I have been having a self love/manifestation month, collecting stamps, books, pencils and now art lessons with Jane Davenport. All this thanks to making a card for a friend, then watching a You Tube video on Mixed media journaling which led me to Dina Wakley who showed how to draw a face. This went so well I ordered her book and Amazon did their classic ‘other people who bought this, also went for this..’ and offered me Jane Davenports book. From there I discovered her free class, which was so amazing I took a paid class called Supplies Me, which is so fantastic that I’ve signed up for three more of her classes. Drawing Beautiful Faces, Express Yourself (drawing different emotions) and the figure drawing class I heart Drawing. I hope you can forgive a gush moment but this is so HUGE for me, I am so so thankful for so much creatively at the moment. I thought this part of me was gone forever. Turns out she was just waiting for the right time to come out of the shadows. This and the classes are the entire years happy budget and beyond, I don’t care if I eat only weetabix for the rest of the year it will be worth it to follow my heart and follow my dream.


I have always loved art, but not had the confidence to draw well, rubber stamping has bridged the gap for a while but still what I most wanted to do was draw. Mixed media painting was good, but learning how to draw so I can pick up a pencil and paper and have art fall like rainbows out of the end of my pencil, well, its all I ever wanted and these classes are helping me do that. Thank you Universe for helping me find my art again, for helping me find mixed media, Dina Wakely and Jane Davenport.

I have never been one for posh clothes or jewelery, stationary is my thing, pens, pencils paper paint. I have a stash of materials and look forward to learnging how to use them well. These classes are lifetime access and online which being housebound is perfect for me. If you want to find out more about the classes I’m taking I blogged about them on my art blog.

Sending you the courage to hold on, till your soul helps call back to you, what it most needs and wants to help you get through each moment. Be still and listen, you can’t push it, or rush it, its a waiting game.

I hope you too can find the pieces of yourself that you miss and that want to come back to you.

Peace n light




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