Quality over quantity

Welcome Back

Its been a while since I wrote, I haven’t had words, not kind words, not helpful words and I didn’t want my first post of the year to be negative, so I have waited. In books a lot is spoken of divine timing, that thing where stuff doesn’t happen when you want it but when you are ready for it. Some things have been coming together this week that have proven that to me, so I’m back to share.

Don’t know about you, but I struggle big time with doing anything nice for ME, for others yes, in a heart beat but for me, nope, if its not essential it doesn’t happen.. then I saw an advert on TV while I was in my dark place of despair with the mean girl, black dog n grief monster all giving me a pummeling an advert for a new magazine collection. Its called Mind, Body Spirit and I will link to it later in the article. It has sections on meditation, herbal remedies, aromatherapy, massage, runes, tarot palm reading even angel cards.

Well it was so perfect I was itching to get it, I managed to get issue one and after ages of shall I shan’t I (with an inner child standing in front of me hopping from one foot to another begging me) for once in my life I said yes. I am learning that when my soul calls to me this loud, its a good plan to listen, only good things have come from following soul calls like this. I’m so glad I did, now there is happy post coming once a month, rain or shine without me having to do anything more (set up direct debit for it) and its a monthly treat. The magazine comes out weekly but they will be posting monthly. I shall set aside one day a week to chill, and have a retreat day to include this magazine 🙂


I used to be very into rubber stamping and paper crafts but my mojo has laid in rest with my late husband. Have been in a very dark place for a long time, last year Gorguss stamps, those soulful looking girl stamps called to me, and I got a few to stamp around my poems in my journal.

Feeling very low and exhausted I found myself on You Tube and decided to look up mixed media art. This was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time, oh the pretty colours, the messy play, that acrylic and inky stampie fun that I missed. I watched a video by Dina Wakely and had a go at drawing a face, OMG it was the best face I’ve EVER drawn!

Dina Wakely

I had heard of this lady long ago, back in my own mixed media days 2010 era but had not bought her books as North Light have a passion for putting text and patterns UNDER the main text in the book and with my dyslexia I can’t read that. So I admit I hadn’t really got into her stuff before. Divine timing though, as just watching a few of her videos has got me itching to get the paints out. I have bought clear stamps of her faces stamps (all the gals) and her scribbly wings are on order as I figure they have open space into which I can write inspiring phrases.I also love love love her birdies stamps too. (sits on hands) and I ‘need’ her books! (stop it now, its becoming an obsession, new fave toy much!)

I have saved a couple of sketchbooks for so long as the blue wave by Daler Rowney has now been discontinued but I just might need to take a leap of faith n get painty in them. So thank you thank you Dina Wakely for being such an inspirational, empowering teacher and for making me want to make art again.

Tim Holtz

Ahh ‘Sir’ Tim as we used to call him on a stamping forum (hey Sid x) I’ve long loved his style of stamping before I got into paint I was very much into the grunge style of rubber stamping, I have invested in one of his grunge stamp sets and also another which has a CROW on it, me n that crow are going to have fun, I can tell. Crow has been keeping me company for a while now, I feel he wants to come into my art as well as my poems.

I do need some more paint, some of my Winsor & Newton Galeria tubes got damaged and dried out but the new ones are plastic so when funds have recovered from the stamp spend I will be off to Cowling and Wilcox to restock. Will I share the art here, or on my Billie’s Craft Room blog….time will tell, depends how I use it, if I can find strength to paint again when the weather relents and lets my hands work, IF I can ever get the GP to change the meds that have left me with double vision since July last year, then I hope to play again.

For now, I am grateful for some hope of an option for something arty coming back into my life. I am struggling to survive and don’t really want to survive,I don’t feel worthy of doing something nice for me, not sure I deserve to enjoy anything, don’t feel ready to enjoy things. So for now like my scribbling with pencil to let out the pain and the darkness when I don’t have words, for now that is how the painting will be. My anger and despair have created some really nice backgrounds, perhaps I can go back to those pages and develop them some more with the new stamps. Time will tell.

Please pray I can get the meds changed so I can see straight!


Ok I’ve mentioned some new stuff so here we go for a whole new world of linky fun.

Here is the video that got me into Dina Wakley:


Well there we have it, something positive to post about, hope you enjoy the videos and can’t promise not to post any more dark poetry, I’m just not in a pretty unincorns n fluffy bunnies place right now. I’d like to be so maybe the new magazine, a med change and some art will help me find a softer space.


Sending you peace, love, light, hope and compassion






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