Goodbye 2016

Welcome Back

And so as another year comes to an end, its the traditional time to think back on what have been the highs and lows through the year. Its also a time often used to make new years resolutions, well blahh to that, I gave that up long ago; however Susannah Conway has some wonderful printables on her website to help you say farewell to 2016 and ease into 2017 on your terms and they are amazing! I’ve put a link at the end of the post so you can find them too.

Finding your word

My word for 2016 was ‘Nourish’. I needed and still do need nourishing, mentally, physically and emotionally so Nourish may well get another outing this year. Susannah has a series called Find your Word on the blog post I’ve linked to, so I’ll be spending the next few days, considering the options for my word for 2017.

Unravel Your Year 2017 is a workbook by Susannah Conway is also excellent and I’ve printed that out too. It looks very interesting, useful, empowering and supportive so its well worth a look at. So far my only concrete plan for 2017 is that I’ve enrolled for Susannah’s class 78 Mirrors to further  my tarot studies, I want to read just for myself for personal development and as a way to get in touch with my inner guidance/ my spiritual sat nav if you like. There is a LOT that NEEDs doing next year but a lot of it is beyond my control and I am a control freak, so I’m finding it difficult. I also like the sound of Write your Soul which enrols 11 January but will have to save up for that one.

2016 has been ‘one of those years’, where I had hopes for things that really needed to happen and although I am a step closer, they still feel a long way off from completion and other things have to wait till the earlier steps are done. I’m just working on survival at this point.

I am very happy to have treated myself to a simply gorgeous A5 Malden, in the teal green/blue and its amazing, so soft, so supple, very huggable, feels devine. This will be my journal companion to my spiritual journey next year. I was also delighted to be gifted a book called Wheel of the year by Teresa Moorey and Jane Brideson as I want to explore a year of seasonal earth based discovery. My body is very linked to the weather and the seasons, my mood and pain levels very much directed by light and temperature so I want to find out more about this. I loved Kindling the Native Spirit book by Denise Lin which I read this year. Runes are going well, made of holly wood and they look feel and are amazing. As are Oracle decks, I now have one angel deck and the collection of Tarot cards is growing. With The Fountain Tarot being my latest addtion, OMG amazing artwork brillant cards to journal or  meditate with the images.

The biggest thing I’ve learnt this year was that FOLLOWING my heart is a good thing.

When I do that, things work out, when I don’t, I feel so bad, like Ive let myself down and have treated my self so unkindly by not listening to ME.I’m still planner girl, lists everywhere but I’m also taking time out to meditate, to watch the sun rise n set, to listen to birdsong, to watch clouds, to smell the seasons.

Each season does have its own smell; growing up and smelling the hops as they were harvested in the autumn taught me that, but the smell of frost, of snow, of summer of spring, of wet mud, or cut grass. All these things matter, step away from screens and take 5 minutes to look at the clouds, and the sky, smell the air, and let some air into your soul.

Poetry is still happening, haven’t published much this year as a lot of it is too dark, my soul processing my loss, and its a cross between Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson and I’m trying to share hope in these pages, not just a personal vent of negative emotions n grief. I’ve still bought the occasional magazine for the clear stamps on the back. I just wish my hands would be well enough to let me do what I need to in the day AND have some strength left for craft but that is not the case. I’m still struggling to do essentials right now. So lets all say ‘Goodbye 2016, don’t let the door hit you in the ar** on the way out.’

My wish for us all is that we find; hope, compassion from those around us and patience with ourselves while we make our way in the world. One foot in front of the other, one breath at a time, one step at a time. There are times when a good cry or hiding out under a blanket are absolutely what is needed.

May we be kind to ourselves especially if those around us are not.


My phase for the year: I am on the page that I am on, until the page turns.

May your days be as gentle as possible with you, and may you find ways to make each moment as soft as possible.

Sending you all, peace, light, hope and compassion

Billie x


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