Corvid Calls.

Welcome Back

Here is today’s poem for the Writers Digest Poem A Day Challenge November 2016. Today’s prompt was Spirit Animals. Mine are Corvids right now.


Corvid Calls

Each morning I am greeted

By a cawing sound

The corvids have returned again

And gather all around.


Sitting on the rooftops

Bashing on the metal

Tapping and a calling

To everyone around.


Standing up so tall and proud

Calling out so Loud!

Calling up a welcome friend,

Calling up a crowd.


Looking out for danger

Looking out for friends

Looking out for mischief

As the darkness ends.


But after calling loudly

And bowing so polite,

A couple rest contentedly

To be in in each others site.


After reading Denise Lin’s book, Kindling the Native Spirit I’ve wondered what my spirit animal might be. When I asked to be shown what animal might be mine, I began to see a lot of crows around. Each day there are at least two on the roof of the house behind mine. Watching out for me, its comforting to think of them in this way.

There will be new poetry prompts each day in November on Writers Digest, look at their What’s New area of the site and for PAD Challenge Novemer 2016.

Writers Digest

Day 2 PAD Challenge November 2016

Much respect and gratitude to Magpies of Edmonton for their kind permission to use their photo of the crow.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon. Namaste


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