Wellness Wednesday 3: Gratitude

Welcome Back

This is the day to check in with ourselves to see how things are going, and how we can look for ways to tweak what is no longer working for us. Today I’d like to talk about Gratitude practices.

When something happens to us, we react, one of two ways; from a place of fear or a place of love. When we have been stuck in a headspace of fear for a long time, its all we can see, we can loose sight of anything good that may be happening.

First thing first, please check out Davidji’s video about 16 seconds, its a way of not reacting so fast but taking a moment to pause, to gather and center yourself before you respond. He says reacting is reACTING re creating old patterns of behavior that we may not like in ourselves or mean or want to continue with. Lets take a moment n watch that video before we go on.

David ji 16 Seconds

Makes you think doesn’t it, when people say things to you that hurt, when you tell someone something and hoped they would show you love or praise but they don’t they ridicule you or ignore it like your special ‘thing’ you shared wasn’t that special. If you take that moment you can ask yourself, is their reaction from a place of love or fear? You don’t know what happened to them earlier in the day or week to leave them in a headspace where they can’t find loving words. Instead of giving them their same energy back, step away, no one said that everyone is going to love everything you do. They might be entitled to their opinion, but in the same way you are not required to agree with it.


Lets find some love in the world. NOT from others but from ourselves. How can we start to notice good things happening? Well we could journal it, decide to make a note of every time something positive happens, anything that makes us smile. REALLY small things count, for example, Its sunny: so my pain will be less today, I won’t get wet going where I’m going. Yey I thought I’d run out of milk but there was another in the back of the fridge after all.

If you are glued to your phone, you could photograph things that make you happy and make that a mindfulness focus. Perhaps picking a theme for the day, notice flowers, or pick a colour and photograph things in your day that are that colour? The plan is to stop and notice things around us.

For me, as a shut in (agoraphobic) I like colour in my world, so have a dish of pretty marbles, and when I notice something good, (or not as terrible as usual,  if you are in that head space) put a marble in a different dish. This is also good if you can’t write for long either, lost count, not sure if you have counted something already, don’t worry if you noticed it again, it counts again.

Gratitude Practice with marbles

Gratitude Practice with marbles

What have I got to be grateful for?

Lets see, what is there to be grateful for at the most fundamental level and move out from there. Do you have shelter? Do you have clean water to drink? Do you have food in the house or that you can get? Can you see? Can you hear? Can you move? Has someone spoken to you today? Can you go out? Did you have breakfast, dinner, tea? See where I’m going with this, when you start to notice the things around you, even before you step out of the door for those more able, there are still things that you have that others don’t, perhaps never have had and perhaps never will have.

Keep it small and simple. You could use two pots n a pile of pens or pencils anything that works for you. All you need to do is be here, do your thing and notice what isn’t so bad in the day. Then at the end of the day, look at all the marbles of gratitude, DON’T count them! Its not about judgement in the sense of; there were more yesterday, I should have or wanted more. Its only about there are some things today that weren’t so bad. Good things did happen to me today, there were kind things in my world today.

Notice the small things that are trying to show you kindness. They really matter. Can you offer someone a smile today? Help their gratitude pot, you never know, they might just smile back 😉

Did you give this a go? What worked for you, how do you notice things to be grateful for?

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon. Namaste


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