Meditation Monday 3: Get more from your meditation practice

Welcome Back

Today a book that really helped me get more from meditation. It is by Tara Ward and is called Meditation and Dreamwork.I can highly recommend this book to everyone who may have been meditating a while and still wondering if they are doing it ‘right’. The book is full of really useful techniques to help you begin and get more from your meditations.


If funds are tight, this is a good one for your Feel Good Friday treat, as on Kindle its 99p and by having it on the Kindle you can let the Kindle read it out to you, which acts like guided meditation without you reading it as you go 😉

Meditation and Dreamwork by Tara Ward, on Amazon UK

How is your meditation going, are you finding it helpful, how many days last week did you meditate? Do you prefer a guided meditation where someone talks you through things, just music alone or maybe silence and only the sounds around you at the time?

Best wishes and thanks for reading, Namaste



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