Wellness Wednesday 2; Achievement Cards

Welcome Back

Today’s the day to check in with ourselves and ask ‘How are things going?’ There are times, when the world spins too fast, and times when some of us fall off. For those times, when you just can’t cope, here is an idea to help get you through; A set of Achievement Cards. You are welcome to use the idea for your own life and modify it accordingly. If you find it helpful, a link back here would be appreciated.

Achievement Cards

Achievement Cards; Rewards and Healing

Achievement Cards; Rewards and Healing

To make your cards

You Will Need

A sheet of paper to plan.

Some card, cut into pocket size rectangles, I went for 2.5 x 3.5″ as you can cut quite a few from an A4 sheet but you can buy packs of ATC cards in this size pre-cut if you don’t want to cut your own.

I used different coloured card, for different groups but you could go with white and highlighters or coloured pens/pencils or stickers to categorize if you like.

If coloured card doesn’t work for you, use a symbol for different sections instead.


Make a list of tasks, under each of these categories on your planning sheet.

  • Essentials
  • Indoors
  • Outdoors
  • Healing: things you find nurturing and healing
  • Rewards: (see Feel good fridays, think things from your What Lights me up list. A magazine, something from your wishlist, something that makes you feel good about you.

From this list create your personalized deck of cards.

Use different coloured card or symbol for each of the categories.

How to use your deck

If you are going to bed feeling bad, put out some cards for the next day. Essentials are essential, so get those out first, in the order they need doing. Next add in something from your indoors or outdoors list if you would like to have a go at one of those too. If you are feeling better put out what needs doing, if you feel bad, just lay out what is achievable plus rewards and healing cards.

Achievement Cards: Essentials

Achievement Cards: Essentials

Add in a healing or reward card for each of the bigger goals you set. This maybe where you need to give a bit more thought to your rewards and to keep costs sensible use things like wearing my fave jumper, watching my fave film, tea from my favorite cup, a nice bubblebath, sometimes there is a cross over from Healing things and rewards so go with what ever feels right at the time. Its about supporting yourself through difficult times. If you have done something you feel is massive, you totally deserve a reward accordingly. Perhaps something from your wish list or from your Happy Box if you have been putting out treasured items into one for your friday rewards.

Achievement Cards: Tasks or Goals you want to try

Achievement Cards: Tasks or Goals

Achievement Cards; Rewards and Healing

Achievement Cards; Rewards and Healing


Stack them up rather than spread them out, so they feel less intimidating and stack them in the order you would like to do them. As you complete a task then is the time to lay them in a line, this is an important visual reward for achiving things, it might sound daft but believe me when the world feels that dark it can make a big difference. At bedtime you can look at your card spread and say however bad it felt I did achieve all this. Its important to honor the page that you are on, your current abilities and health, please don’t use this as another way to beat yourself up over what you couldn’t do. Tomorrow is another day, things may go differently tomorrow.

These cards help with keeping you on track when your head is all over the place and you can’t remember what you have done, or needs doing. This way you don’t have to hold it in your head all day. If you need some help perhaps someone else can help by laying out the cards of the day for you, as long as they know your current state well enough not to set the task too high. Also just because a card is out, it might not mean its something for you to personally do, say you have the card ‘Mow the lawn’ if you physically can’t it can be used as a reminder to ask someone else to do this task for you.

I’d be very interested in how you get on with these cards, I do hope they help you through difficult days too. Help you feel empowered and owning what you have achieved especially when ‘just’ eating three times in a day is massive for you.

Sending you peace and light, may your day be as gentle as possible. Namaste




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