Meditation Monday 2: Tonglen Medition

Welcome Back

This week I’d like to share a link to Daviji’s website. I discovered him thanks to listening to Hay house radio station. Davidji’s meditations are amazing, really healing. If you sign up to Hay house radio and their newsletters you can also hear his shows on there.

One of the meditations of Daviji’s I liked on the show was Tonglen

Breathe in what nourishes and let go of what no longer serves us.


Hayhouse Radio Radio for your soul they say, there are some really healing shows on there, do check it out. For me there was a bit of a glitch in that before I sign in the site displays UK times for the shows from the schedule page but after I sign in it doesn’t and I have to alter the time by 8 hours. I’ve set my location on the preferences page, so not sure what happens. To work it out go to schedule by day then change it to by week and then see whats on now and work it out from that πŸ˜‰

How are you getting on with meditation? It takes a while to get used to that’s why they call it a practice, its something to work on gradually, do what works for you. If the one I’ve linked to isn’t for you just go to You Tube and type in meditation and see if something else appeals. There’s more than one way through this, may you find a path which is right for you.

Would you like to share your meditation tips, or blog posts with pictures of your favorite place to meditate?

Sending you peace n light. Namaste


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