Feel Good Friday 2. Kyle Gray

Welcome Back

We made it through another week! How was it for you? Its treat day, what are you going to treat yourself to today?

Self Love September Bookshelf

This week I’d like to offer you Kyle Gray’s book 111 Ways to Raise your Vibration as a suggestion for your wishlist.


This book has a daily passage to read that is full of love and positive affirmations to help you feel more hopeful and positive about your day. Thought for the day lets say.

After taking Susannah Conways ecourse The Sacred Alone (more on that soon) I now have a daily spiritual practice, where I sit, meditate, draw some cards and then read a passage for this BEFORE I do anything else. This has had a massive impact on my anxiety and I highly recommend you seeking ways to find what helps you make right now feel softer, in ways that feel safe to you.

This may not be achievable for you everyday but it is a wonderful way to start your day, or perhaps to end your day, whenever you can carve yourself some time to be still and be in your body n listen to yourself n work on your needs.

Now I discovered Kyle after buying a copy of Kindred Spirit Magazine earlier in the year and I liked how he was in to meditation, and some Buddhist stuff too. Please know I’m not trying to push anyone into anything spiritual, I respect we are all in our own spaces about that, and if you aren’t on the same page as him during the introduction, please keep reading and go with the daily pages as they are universal and healing very similar to mindfulness practices.

If you would like to find out more about Kyle Gray here is where you can find out more

Kyle Gray website

Kyle Gray Raise Your vibration video

May your day be as kind and gentle as possible, would love to hear what your treat of the week will be if you would like to share it in your comments. Best wishes and thanks for reading. Namaste


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