Meditation Monday 1

Welcome Back, Namaste

Do you have a safe place to sit or lay down? Would you like to try meditation but not sure how? This is for you. First lets check in with our bodies and see what we need. Are you tired n need a wake up refreshing moment or over stressed n need something more soothing. Ask this of yourself first as this will change the type of meditation I’d lead you towards.

Unless its very warm weather its a good idea to have a shawl or light blanket nearby if you plan to meditate for a while as your body temperature can drop if you are still for a while.

Choose your spot, somewhere preferably quiet where you won’t be disturbed, if that is a dream but not your reality how about using headphones with a guided meditation to block out other sounds around you. It can even be 5 minutes in the loo if that’s the only room with a lock 😉


My finished Zen Garden.

A soothing first guided meditation

Michael Sealey offers this video: How to meditate in twelve minutes.

Yawning is normal, dozing off can be too if you lie down to meditate and if you are very stressed and over tired. Don’t fight it at this point, just go with it.

Non Guided Meditation

If you prefer just music no narration here is a link to a very tranquil meditation music, no talking just soft sound. DO NOT play this as you drive or operate machinery! It may well cause drowsiness. Its called Positive energy inner peace if you are not ready to get into any formal meditation just sit somewhere comfortable and play this quietly in the background. Don’t worry that this is hours long, do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. This was from the You Tube channel called Meditation and Healing.

Another good You Tube channel to check out for mediation music is Yellow Brick Cinema

Tell me about your meditation practice or space, does meditation help you?

Best wishes and thanks for reading see you soon


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