Feel Good Friday 1, Light is the New Black

Welcome Back

Today is Feel Good Friday. Did you make a list yesterday, of what lights you up? Have a look around the house and see if there are any items that really make you light-up. Have them somewhere prominent in your space, honor and celebrate the feeling that they give you.

Congratulations for making it through the week, what is your chosen treat?

Is it a material thing, something from your wishlist? Maybe its spending time with people you love, or can you make it about your needs? What would be possible from your list of what lights you up? Is there a book that will help you towards where you want to go, a magazine you fancy, can you go somewhere special to you? This is your weekly date with you, for you and about you. What does that look like for you?

If you can do this without the support of others to create a special time for you, that’s great as then your happiness isn’t dependent on other people being willing to play along and cannot be broken if they refuse too. But honor the page that you are on, and if you need support to achieve something right now and have people that will help, go with it. No judgement here.If you want a magazine but can’t get there to get it, is there an online option, a subscription perhaps or would someone pick it up for you.

Free treat Friday

If there aren’t funds for buying treats right now, how about creating a wishlist to help you focus on what you would like to bring into your world and have something to save or aim towards?

In the meantime, why not hit your music shelf n dig out an album you love but have forgotten about, the wardrobe to hunt out the favorite jumper or item of clothing that makes you feel so comfy or totally amazing. Is there a book you love on your bookshelf, how about reading that? Tea from your favorite cup, on your favorite plate? Do you have a favorite duvet cover that you could put on your bed as a treat?

What can you do to make your space feel special with what you have to hand?

Honor the page you are on right now, its about rewarding your weeks achievements however you can. It can be simple small things too.

Plan ahead, can you find an item ready for next Friday or maybe place your order so you have something to look forward to all week.

The Self Love bookshelf

So what will it be for you this week? If I could make a wish for you and you struggle with low self esteem, I would highly recommend Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell.An empowering life changing book and what inspired me to write this series. This is perfect for Self Love September.


Rebecca Campbell is amazing, here is her You Tube video about this book.

This is Rebecca’s You Tube channel which links to her website.

My treat this week, that I’ve been saving for September is the book; Radical Self love by Gala Darling


What you do today, becomes the memory you look back on from tomorrow.

Live the story you want to tell.

best wishes and thanks for reading, Namaste x



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