Welcome to Self Love September

Welcome Back

Here we are 1st September for Self Love September, lets begin by asking ourselves a few questions.

What Lights you Up? (Rebecca Campbell Light is the New Black) What is it that makes your heart flutter, your tummy jump and you smile even if you didn’t mean too? This is the feeling we will be cultivating during the month. Have a think about what lights you up and make a list in your journal.

Can I make a space in my day for me? If you want to bring some peace, love and light into your world, set aside some part of your day to achieve that. Does this mean getting up extra early, or staying up a little later? Plan for it, in a way that will allow it to become possible most days if not every day.

Can I make a space in my world that is nurturing for me? It could be a journal, a tray for special items, a chair or room. Let’s create a space for this wonderful kindness to happen.


My finished Zen Garden.


It can be as small or as large as you like. Its your space, anything or anywhere that makes you feel special. I recommend Thick Nhat Hanh book Making Space for ideas, and since tomorrow is Feel Good Friday the day of treating yourself, how about it?

See you tomorrow for Feel Good Friday

Best wishes and thanks for reading.


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