Self Love September project

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Do you find the winter months difficult? Find your mood slipping through the floor? Me too, but I have a plan..Self Love September. For the last few months ill health has meant I’ve had to surrender to my body, all hope of what I need or want, not possible. In that time I have read some real life changing books thanks to my kindle. I’ve made some changes in my life which have had a positive impact and would like to share a few with you in this project and together help us build some better memories to ease us through the darker winter months.

I first came across ‘self love’ as the title of Gala Darling book Radical Self Love, which I have bought and am saving to read in September. I also bought Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell which the Kindle read out to me and was so life changing and amazing, that I’ve also bought the paper back to write notes in to and underline a lot of it. OMG its THE book if you have low self esteem and want to build yourself up and feel empowered. What I love about it is that as well as making empowering suggestions it is also about asking questions, so YOU are building your own solutions and power and feel part of the process.

Just started with Raise You Vibration with Kyle Gray which has daily practices which are also very empowering and I’m journal writing loads when my hands allow and it really helps move stuck emotions and energy. I’ve also blown the happy budget for the rest of the year on these books, an assortment of crystals and Oracle decks but they are so healing and I can’t afford counseling so for me they are the next best thing.

Forget contacting those who have passed, the Oracle decks I have chosen are all about kind, soothing healing words of support which I need to hear on a daily basis. Lets just say I’m on a spiritual Journey right now, don’t know where its going but for once in my life I’m ok with that. It feels like I’m heading in a good direction and that’s all I need to know right now. Following your heart n soul feels good and with Self Love September I hope to help you do the same.

Self Love September

From my bookshelf

Here are my healing books/Oracles for Self Love September

Its all about YOU, its all about ME. Its all about finding our own ways to make right now feel softer, gentler and more manageable. All we have is right now, lets live the story we want to tell. Am I fixed, do I see the world as fluffy bunnies n kittens NO, not by a very long way.

But what I have learnt in the last few months is that fighting whats happening right now doesn’t work either. I’ve done that my whole life n it hurts, it uses vital resources n somethings you can’t win and must surrender control over and go with what you CAN do as and when you can do it. So lets make a kinder way to meet each day with Self Love September.

Mindfulness/Meditation Mondays

Rebecca Campbell asked ‘What Lights you up?’ in her book Light is the new Black. So if you are a stationary junkie like me jump on the back to school bargains and grab some nice journal supplies, notebook, pens pencils some of those lush colouring books if you see one you like. September can be the month when you begin to take the steps to make right now feel softer and the more softer moments add up to Gentler days.

I’ll share some links to meditations on You tube and interesting audios from Hay House Radio, which has a lot of healing programs on there.

Wellness Wednesday

Time to check in with yourself. What’s happening, are YOU meeting your needs? What do you need right now, to make things feel possible?

Here’s where we can share tips n resources to things that have helped us along the way.

Feel Good Friday

Are you still here? Did you make it? YEY the world can be tough and why should the kids have all the fun, make one day a week that is about what you need. Maybe that’s rewarding yourself with a magazine, or a book, five minutes to yourself in the garden.

Plan it ahead of time so you can have something to look forward too.


What I’m getting from books n cards is that you get out of something as much as you are willing or able to put in. If you possibly can get old school with me and treat yourself to a lovely journal, or a cheapy exercise book that you can make special with pictures n quotes that inspire you.

You Will need

  • Computer with internet access.
  • An open mind, an open heart.
  • A safe place to sit or lay down if you want to give meditation a go.

Optional extras: A pen/pencil and a journal.

Book Shelf

Here are the books that have been inspiring me to create this project. I will also share blog links at the start of September to inspiring people and places.

  • Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell
  • Making Space by Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Raise your Vibration by Kyle Gray
  • Kindling the Native Spirit Sacred Practices for Everyday life
  • Meditation and Dreamwork by Tara Ward

What you do today, becomes the memory you look back on from tomorrow.

Live the story you want to tell.

You are worth it, we are worth it. Lets make some kind memories in the coming month to look back on and maybe to continue on with that will make life feel more possible.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon




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