Welcome Back

In response to my Mean Girl poem, I also wrote this. Sometimes those around us, even with the best intent say things that hurt and wound us. When you are unwell those negative comments can go round and round in your head and hurt you further. Here is my kinder way to process those times.


I choose not to listen, to the mean things that you say.

However well intentioned, they hurt and cannot stay.

I choose, not to talk to you, I have no words today.

I’m saving up my energy, to find the strength to stay.


I choose not to listen to the mean things that I say

I know they’re from the mean girl,

Who knows just what to say.

If I do not listen to her, may be she’ll go away.


I choose to be gentle and extra kind to me

Because I do deserve it and I’m trying to be free.

I turn away, from the dark clouds, that chase and frighten me,

There is a nicer person, who is also inside me.


The one who likes to do art,

The one who really cares

The one who’ll always listen

The one who wants to share.


Each day is full of choices.

Even though they feel so hard

I will try to choose the gentler ones

Be kinder to my heart.


Best wishes and thanks for reading

B x



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