The Mean Girl

Welcome Back

They often say you shouldn’t listen to the negative narration in your life, but its not always easy not too. Today’s poem explores that.

Mean Girl

A mean girl lives inside me,

She’s really not my friend

She’s made of all the dark stuff

And makes me cry again.


She whispers bad memories to me,

She narrates my every day

But coz she’s full of bad stuff

She knows just what to say.


She often leaves me crying

Lying shaking on the floor,

Not wanting to get up again,

I don’t want anymore.


I shouldn’t listen to her,

I know she isn’t being kind.

But she really is persuasive

And lives inside my mind


Sometimes she has a day off.

And Oh what joy that brings

To have some space and quietness

It really gives me wings.


I’m learning not to listen,

To the bad stuff that she says

To wait until she’s finished

Then do something else instead.


Alternative last line….

‘And just go back to bed.’


Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


B x


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