The Sacred Alone E-course

Welcome Back

A while ago I treated myself to a book called Art Saves, I’d wanted it for years but then after my husband passed I felt so lost in my grief that even with a generous pile of art stash in the cupboard, I could not engage with it. Art had helped me in the past so I treated myself to the Art Saves book by Jenny Doh as a way to read others stories of how art had helped them. In there I discovered Susannah Conway, she lost her husband too and I felt an instant connection, and went to her website.

Susannah has written three books but I chose her Notes on Unravelling as this was her journey back from grief. It is an ispiring book, (haven’t finished it yet) but for those grieving who have been on planet grief a while and are looking for ways to help find some moments less bleak in the right now, then this book is a breath of fresh air. I was 19 months into my grief journey when I started reading her book and its helping.

Do sign up for her newsletter or love letter as she calls it, so much healing in those emails. I have just signed up for her e course The Sacred Alone, which I’ll link too at the end of this post. The universe is so guiding me toward healing things right now, maybe the meditation is starting to rub off, and I’m learning to see positive things not just all the dark stuff. I’d seen the course when I first went to her website but haddn’t considered it until the reminder about it came into my email box. I re read the description and it sounded so perfect and at such a perfect time, sometimes you just have to listen to the universe!

June and July are really tough for me now DH has passed, two months of anniversaries that now hurt like hell. Its a fourteen day class and will start before and during two of the anniversaries I find so hard, so support to learn to be ok on my own just then will be really useful.

This e-course is too beautiful for me to repeat it all without crying (happy to have found it) tears on my keyboard. Please follow the link below to her site to find out more. Mindfulness, meditations, and visualizations, emails and MP3s. It starts 13 June 2016 so you still have time to sign up if you would like to take this class too.

Links to Susannah Conway

And the book that helped me discover her: Art Saves book by Jenny Doh

Thanks for reading

May we all find a peaceful way to learn to live with our grief in a gentle way.

May all beings be free from suffering and the root of suffering.

Sending you peace, light, hope, courage and compassion.

Billie x


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