We Are

As a follow on to the I am poem, here is my ‘We are’ poem, dedicated to all those who need help but are unable to access it. Sending us all Peace, hope, light and compassion.

We Are

We are the silent warriors

The ones who hide our pain,

The ones who cannot find our words,

Nor ways to ease the blame.


If you have a mental illness

Society needs to change,

Coz we are, still made to hide it,

And live our lives with shame.


Oh there are some, who do find help

But many more that don’t

You call us weak, but you are wrong

You do not have a clue.


The courage, strength and fight it takes

To make it each day through.

How easily you judge us,

When you do not know our pain.


I hope one day the change will come

And no one, will have to hide

That compassion and hope can help us find

Our needed sense of pride.


Best wishes and thanks for reading

B x


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