I am

After watching Gareth Malone and his Invictus choir; I was inspired to write my own poem. I am not an ex military anything, but struggle daily with mental and physical challenges. Here is  my tribute to all of us, who suffer silently with wounds the world can’t see and rarely understand.

I am

I am a warrior, to make it though the night.

The things I feel, the things I think,

They give me such a fright.


I am a warrior, to make it though the day.

The fear, the anguish and the pain

Are the price that I must pay.


I am a warrior, in everything I do.

Those ‘simple’ things, that you can do

You have no concept of how hard,

They are for me to do.


I am a warrior, I need to tell myself.

To give me strength and hope and fight

To face this battle, day and night.



This was the Invictus Choir that inspired my poem. Bless you all your courage is inspiring. May you find your peace, hope & light. x



Best wishes and thanks for reading



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