Poem a Day in April starting soon

Welcome Back

On the first of April 2016, there is a Poem A Day Challenge over on Writers Digest. I took part in this in November and really enjoyed it. Not striving to keep to the deadline, but enjoying writing to the prompts in my own time. They also do a weekly poetry prompt on a Wednesday, today the prompt was: ‘Preparation’ here is my poem in response to that prompt.

I’m circling my wagons,

Gathering books and pens beside

For a Poem a Day in April

My excitement, I cannot hide


What isn’t there, to love about this?

It joins several of  my passions,

My love of all things stationary

And writing too a passion.


I tell all I know, about this site,

So they can find it too

And there will be more of us

To enjoy the writing too.


If you would like to find out more about the Poem a Day Challenge, it is being held over on the Writers Digest website, see links below.


I can’t promise to post one everyday, its often better to sit with words for a while, to let them evolve into a finished piece, but I hope readers will enjoy the prompts on the site and play along if you would like too.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon





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