Broken Biscuits

Welcome Back

Today’s poem, I wrote to explain what its like to live with the isolation of mental health issues. I dedicate this poem to Elefriends the wonderful online community for people with mental health issues. It is the one place I can be ME and every one is OK with that.

Broken Biscuits

I feel like the broken biscuit, in the bottom of the tin.

Abandoned and forgotten ad a little bit grim.

I don’t have perfect edges

There are cracks and chips in me

but as you rummage past me,

You probably don’t see.

But if you take a moment

And ponder, if you please

Not all biscuits are perfect,

There are lots of us, you see.

When we fell out of the packet

And hit ground, a bit too hard.

Then others landed on us,

Broke bits off and left us scared.

We battle almost daily

To be the on one you see

The one that might get noticed,

And the one you’re pleased to see.

We just need love and comfort

To find our sense of pride

Perhaps we can be whole again,

And confident inside.

The world is full of biscuits

Many shapes and styles and kinds

And some of us get broken,

Please don’t crush us in your stride.

by Billie x


Elefriends. Online community for people with mental health issues. A safe caring place to be part of the herd and feel heard.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, sending you peace, light, hope and compassion







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