Healing Sounds to soothe the soul

Welcome Back

There are times when the world can get a bit too much. Things can all get a bit too much, but solace can be found in the sounds of nature, and music. Sit, lay down and be still and listen to something soothing.

I was looking for a small wooden Buddha that I could carry around with me. The one I found was called Quan Yin, although this is also sometimes spelt Kuan Yin. She is the Buddha of Compassion. She wanted to save the people of the world from Samsara- suffering. In doing so the story is that her head split into thousands of pieces but she was rewarded with enlightenment. Another version of the story has her as the Mother of the Universe. Either way she is a kind loving figure. I associate with her story as I too want to make everyone OK, safe, well, protected.

This week I came across the music of Imee Ooi during my attempts to find out more about Kuan Yin. Her voice is amazing, so healing. There are excerpts of a lot of her music on You Tube. so here are a few.


May you find sounds to soothe your soul in the following.

There are other versions of the mantra chanted in song, this one is a nice one too

There is some beautiful art work by Zeng Hao on these Oracle cards of Kuan Yin by Alana Fairchild.

Oracle cards are not something I would have considered in the past, but I’m no longer the person I used to be. I am in transition, I am broken, there will be more loss to bear this year while I begin the process of evolving into who I will become next. There is a lot of grief and loss in my life to heal from and these cards look like they are full of light, love, compassion, healing and hope, which I need so much right now. I’d been reading Art Saves by Jenny Doh when I discovered Susannah Conway and from there I’d been considering the Mother Mary cards BUT it was Kuan Yin ones that really called to my soul, so they have been ordered from Amazon. I’ll let you know more about them when they arrive.

If there aren’t to be people in my life that will hold me close when my soul is crying out in most need of comfort, then I must find other ways to find comfort, peace and solace in this new world. Compassion and love is the way to find peace they say. Samsara is the suffering and pain of wanting things or life to be different from how they ARE. I struggle a lot with Samsara. BUT this post is about sharing hope and peace with you all, so I hope you may find some in the healing music in the links.

Wishing you peace, light and hope



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