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There are times when books can and do change your life. At the time you are reading them and connecting with the author, the story or the concept, you start to think about how this could be you, they could be talking about you. I’d like to share a few links today to artists and books that have changed my life.

Some years ago I read Kelly Rae Roberts book; Taking Flight; Inspiration and Techniques to give your creative spirit wings. At the time I was reading this I had been making cards for a while, not in a group, just at home. One of the things the book talked about was the importance of Community, finding others on your wavelength, doing similar things to you, with whom you can bounce ideas around with.  I liked this idea and joined a forum, which was wonderful, we did indeed bounce ideas around and fed of each others energy and began sharing pictures of the projects we created.

It was from this book, that I also got courage and inspiration to start the blog, my other blog that is. I shared links to bogs I enjoyed, projects I’d created and eventually even started writing and filming my own video tutorials. Yes it had been a leap of faith, no I didn’t expect anything to come from it, but the resources I found useful, I just wanted to share with others and they seemed to like it.

In time as my paper-crafting horizons expanded so did the topics on the blog. Beyond my imaginings, don’t underestimate the power of listening to your heart whispers as Kelly calls them. Those secret wishes, those moments of coincidence that you used to dismiss out of hand, now look like opportunities to be grabbed and followed to see where they go.

For years I’d wanted the book Art Saves by Jenny Doh, I’d heard about it on my fave artist’s blog Suzi Blu who was in the book, but I’d put off buying it as I worried it would be full of sad stories, and I already had felt sad. Well after loosing DH and not having the heart or energy either to use my art materials nor throw them away, art had got me through a lot over the years so I thought now might well be a good time to get the book.

This book is amazing, a life changer. So many healing stories, one in particular called to me, that was; Susannah Conway, who lost her husband suddenly to a heart attack. I connected with her story and followed the link at the back of the book to her website. Its such a wonderful place, I will link to it at the end of this piece. Susannah’s website is so full of hope and healing, please go and have a look.

Susannah is tempting me to take a new direction in my life. I have never ever wanted to have anything to do with Tarot. To each their own, no judgement of those who find it helpful. Just a personal promise I made to someone that I wouldn’t do it. BUT I made that promise 26 years ago and I’m not entirely the same person anymore.

Here I am, on planet grief, navigating a strange land, with no landmarks to recognize and not as much TLC and support as I really feel I need. So I’ve got to try to find new ways of getting through this painful life journey in a more gentle and positive way. Where am I going with this ramble? Well, Susannah mentions Oracle cards, and the artist that I like that she also mentions is called Alana Fairchild. I like the artwork on the Mother Mary set as it reminds me of Suzi Blu style of painting.

The Quan Yin ones also appeal, because I like the Budhist influence of Quan Yin who has a story that really resonates with me, do a search for Quan Yin; sometimes spelt Kwan Yin. I definitely suffer with Samsara and she was the goddess who wanted to realeave everyone from this suffering. She died trying but was granted enlightenment as a reward for trying. I’m like that, always want everyone to be ok and not suffer or be in any pain. But I also suffer with Samsara, the suffering caused by not letting things be as they are but wanting them to be as they used to be, or how you want them to be.

If anyone has this Quan Yin set, please can you tell me the card names? I need to be careful what I read, so as not to trigger a panic attack and am looking for a positive healing set not one to frighten me. Neither by images nor challenging words. Which was why if I go for these, me thinks the Mother Mary set would be a good one to start with.

Just to draw one card for comfort and reassurance, guidance that kind of thing. Not looking to call any spirts to the house or any thing like that.

I pray I’m not offending anyone by that comment, I make no judgement on what you choose to do, just making my own take clear, on how I would use the cards.


Oracle cards I like

Oops this post turned into a bit of a brain dump didn’t it, Sorry. I shall meditate on the wisdom of getting one of these sets of cards n see how things go. Please do visit the blogs I mention they are from such kind wise gentle souls.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon



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