Heads up, new poetry challenge for April

Welcome Back

Regular readers will know I’ve been on a poetry vibe for a while and although I struggle with deadlines, I do like a bit of a prompt with my poetry to take me in new directions with my writing. I took part in the winter Poem a Day challenge and there is a new one starting in April over on The Writers Digest.

2016 PAD Challenge

Time to treat yourself to a new notebook, perhaps a nifty new pen/pencil and get ready for next months challenges.

Who will join me in this challenge?

It takes a while for me to post my poems as I like to sit with them a while n re write them a bit before they are ready for the world, but the promts are a good way to get started with your writing.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon



2 thoughts on “Heads up, new poetry challenge for April

    • Yey, its going to be fun. I really enjoyed the one in the winter.

      Personally I’m not going to fight for the deadlines tho. I like to let the words come when they are ready and sometimes there is evolution involved, which takes time 🙂


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