Online library access

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Today I wanted to share a little know fact that libraries in the UK have an online component, so if you are unable to physically get to a library there are still options for loaning audio books, ebooks digitally through your computer, tablet or phone.One option for this is Overdrive

If you already have an ereader like Amazon Kindle reader for PC on your machine or similar app on your device you may well not need any additional downloads.

You need a library card but you can apply for that online too. To get started you can either use the link above from Overdrive or do a search for you local government. [your county] You type in your county in the first part 😉 from the local government page, look for things like art n leisure. Libraries often come under those. From there you can access your counties online catalogue and order books for you to collect from your local branch, without leaving the house 😉 Once you have a library card you can access the ebooks and digital content on Overdrive too.

In some areas there are also options if you are house bound for volunteers to bring physical books, cds, films to your home. The staff with assess you first, but that’s just a chat about what books you are interested in. You don’t need computer access to use that service, but it may make it easier for a friend or relative to have one just to find your library and help you register you for the service, if it operates in your area.

As someone who has agoraphobia and can’t leave the house much, the online library and the knowledge that someone will visit once a month to bring me some nice books is a really good thing. Something to look forward too, so if you know someone who can’t get out, please let them know about these options, they can make a big difference to people’s quality of life.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon





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