A Blackbird’s Tale

Welcome Back

Today’s poem was inspired by the birds visiting my garden. There were six blackbirds, taking it in turns to raid the bushes for the ripe berries. So this is their tale, in poetry.

A Blackbird’s Tale

The berries, they look good today,

Their gleaming colours shine.

I’m going to rush to eat them up,

To keep me in my prime.

Another bird has spied them too,

I must be quick and hide

And take my fill, so secretly

That he won’t notice me.

I scurry off, at breakneck speed,

This was his teritory.

And now with tummy full of fruit,

I shall sleep well tonight.

I must remember, where that was

To go again for more.

Perhaps its best, to make my nest

Close by that berry tree.

by B

This weekend is the RSPB Great garden Birdwatch, please do record the birds that visit your garden and send your results to their website.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon



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