Strange; PAD November 2015 Chapbook Challenge

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Today I’d like to share a poem I wrote to a theme posted on Writers Digest website for their Poem A Day Chapbook challenge in November. I can’t do deadlines at the moment, and prefer to spend some time with a poem to let it evolve and grow. Here is my finished poem to the prompt…


This world is strange, the people stranger.

Why do people ask how you are, when they don’t want to know?

Why do they offer help –  then do all they can, to avoid helping?

This mirror of meaning, confuses me.

Sad people, desperately pretending to be happy.

Why is it so wrong to feel how you feel?

To say how you feel – when people ask?

This mirror of meaning, confuses me.

Perhaps if we were true to ourselves,

Were allowed to be honest with each other,

About our thoughts and feelings,

There would be less miss-understanding.

Only with openness, honest and compassion

A willingness  to talk and to listen,

To share each others pain – as well as joy,

Will change be possible.

Its not too late, you can speak out.

You can listen, you can show compassion.

With all our advances in modern times,

Why are we so clacking in core skills,

For how to get along? For how to help each other?

Must we repeat the mistakes of the past?

Are we so locked in a loop of ignorance,

Toward each others views?

That seems to be getting lost on the evolutionary journey

Toward ever more technology.

Just remember, no one talks, when no one listens

And when no one listens

No one learns.


B @A Space To Heal


This poem is in reaction to the isolation anxiety, depression and bereavement bring. The social rejection of all those who don’t ‘fit’ the perceived perfect person or image.

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Best wishes and thanks for reading






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