Here’s to Poetry

Welcome Back

Poetry has helped me though a lot in the last year. I haven’t published all I’ve written, there is a lot of personal stuff that needed to come out but not for all the world to see 😉

That said, it has been very healing, a good diversion and also something I can pick up and put down as needed if my hands don’t want to work that day. I have just treated myself to Stephen Fry’s book; ‘An Ode Less Traveled’. It is about poetry in its different forms and I like his sense of humor so think it should be a good read. According to Amazon its #1 in poetry  books so that’s a good thing too eh.


I shall write again soon with more poems, have had some issues with the computer as well as my health, so will post when I can.


An Ode Less Traveled by Stephen Fry.

May 2016 be kind to you.

Best wishes and thanks for reading





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