Bach Flower Remedies

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Not everyone can take medication for a variety of reasons, and Bach Flower remedies are superb for easing the distress in a variety of life’s more difficult situations.

For many years I have found Rescue Remedy a good one to use for a variety of situations, and have also had success with Aspen and Mimulus for extreme fears both known ones and unknown ones. Anti-depressants were dreadful, they didn’t help and made a lot of things much worse, now I’m not saying ignore the Dr, far from it, talk to them about this before you take them if you are on any other medication prescription or otherwise but if chemical ‘help’ isn’t helping these are well worth trying to see if they are an alternative for you.

Each of the Flower and plant remedies is used for different situations and emotions and they can be combined together to create blends targeted to your own needs.



To find out more about the system, here is the best website I’ve found on the genuine Bach Remedies

The Remedies are also available from some pharmacy’s, health food shops as well as online from



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