Poetry: November 2015 PAD Challenge: Day 9: Technology

Welcome Back

Today’s poetry offering is from the prompt; Technology or anti-technology. My poems is a bit of a blend of the two.

The Dilemma of Technology

No more technology!

You do my head, right in!

They  joy I feel when you work well

Is so short lived you see,

That I want to turn my back on you

And be with book or pen

But then it helps; I can buy food

And goods come to my door

That I can ‘talk’ to people

Without leaving the floor.

It helps for inspiration

And all that stuff, its true

But you make my life so complex

I do not understand you.

I don’t like that you know so much

And share it with companies

But that’s the price of ‘free stuff’

When you search for ‘How to do’s’

You are so useful for learning

Blogs, forums save my life

But I just wish that you wouldn’t cause me

SO much strife!

You are so darn demanding

Your eating up my days

want charging, updating

backing up and more

but still some things I cannot do without

So I’ll put up with that score.

I don’t want to spend all day on you

You make me feel so bad

Frustration makes me angy

Its all because of you

But I just have to live with it,

Coz I need you.




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