Simmer Down: Day 7; 2015 November PAD; Chapbook Challenge

Welcome Back

I have been following a blog by C.B. Wentworth for years now, they were the first blog I revisited when I decided to give my creative writing and poetry a try. They are doing a Poem a Day challenge run by Writers Digest and I decided to give it a try, without the deadlines but I have one for today, so we’ll just see how this goes.

Simmer Down

A gentle walk at the bird reserve

by the woodland and the lake

To hear the birds a calling

So calming to the soul

To see the sunlight catching on the water

Its rippling sound at the waters edge

Like a soothing balm, it brings calm

Sitting in the shade of a tree, on a summers day

Feeling a cool breeze through the leaves

The sound of the leaves in the gentle wind

The coolness of the shad ow of the tree

A wonderful place to be,

Sheltered beneath the canopy

Earyl misty mornings,, hearing birds call in the gloom

Sunlight breaking the mist, making the dew sparkle on the grass

Looks like diamonds all around

The expectant day, just beginning, full of promise.

A cosy blanket, wrapped around me in the chair

Snuggled up with toast and tea

Perhaps warming soup and a book

Warm hands, warm feet

Each season brings different ways to be

Soothed and calmed in and by nature

Perhaps peace can be found, given time.


Be gentle with me, I’m new at this poetry, creative writing lark. My dyslexia also meant I struggled with English a lot at school so nouns, verbs etc are all lost on me, I just write from the heart, the sounds of my soul borne on paper.

Thanks for reading, see you soon


3 thoughts on “Simmer Down: Day 7; 2015 November PAD; Chapbook Challenge

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