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Today I’m sharing pictures of the garden (at last). I wanted to create a Zen garden and have recently found a beautiful high quality Buddha and added white stones around him and a cast Iron snow lantern (Yukumi Gata). Here is the finished space

My finished Zen Garden.

My finished Zen Garden.

Do you like the bamboo fence it was my attempt at Japanese four eye fence, not quite correct to style for the spacing, but I like the concept, this bamboo was ‘trimmed’ from our own bamboo which had got very out of hand and very very tall. So I’m guessing just as the Japanese people would do, they use the materials at hand to create their garden’s.

I forgot to take a picture at the beginning when it was still bare earth, and this shows v1 of the stones which I decided against in the end.

This was before I did the fence, and with v1 of the garden floor in place.

This was before I did the fence, and with v1 of the garden floor in place.

The stone which looked so very white has had a shower of rain now and has shown its true colours, which include pale blue and grey. I liked the whiter look but this is softer and none of the colours are too harsh so it doesn’t distract the eye too much. The tea light holder is glass and flower shaped, I thought it looked rather like a Lotus blossom so apt to the Buddhist and Zen style I was going for. I have one in clear glass and also this rose pink one. The inner sides are quite high which protects the tealights flame from drafts so it burns better and for longer.

Zen Garden at Night

Zen garden at night

Zen Garden by candle light

Here is a close up of the stone after a shower of rain, as you can see, not snow white anymore but the tones are gentle so its still nice.

white stones

White Spar stones for the base of my Zen garden

There was limited budget available for this garden space, so its a modest size for now, but in time I hope to pebble over the rest of the bed its in and extend the idea further. I like the idea of having tea lights either side of the path leading through that section of the garden.


The Buddha is from Ebay it is superb quality and I really love the white washed effect on the stone.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


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