Day one of my new blog, welcome to spring

Welcome to my new blog

Here is SE England, spring has started to arrive. The days are getting longer, the garden is full of daffodils looking wonderful, tall and proud, at their feet are little purple crocus. However the icy wind proves that there is still a way to go before you would want to dine in the garden! They make me want to go and look up Wordsworth’s poem about them and draw/paint a few.

The title of this blog is a little in flux, I am dithering between The Reluctant gardener, which I am on so many levels, and the other title option; A Space To Heal, which is what I am hoping to turn the garden into in the coming years. I am going to share some of the wonderful pictures you find around the web of beautiful spaces you wish you could visit, quotes to inspire and if you have a poke around the menu; some places to find resources that I hope will help us all find a little peace in what is often a stressful world.

The Reluctant Gardener

I call myself this as I am a danger to plant life; legally blonde in the garden..seriously! I was even thinking of tweeting to Gardeners World to ask if there was a website that showed pictures of weeds so I could avoid ripping up plants by mistake! I still have memories of my childhood when I treid to ‘help’ Mum by weeding, she gently asked; ‘Where did you put the ‘weeds’?’ unintentionally I had removed all the plants and left the pretty Forget me nots which my Mum thought of as weeds. I prefer my husbands definition; ‘A weed is just a plant in the wrong place that you don’t like’. So we keep our forget me knots 🙂

I know nothing about plants, their habits, when or how to prune and water.There is a shed full of assorted garden implements, I can recognize a spade; although there are several sizes and shapes, there are two kinds of hoe’s (garden not the other sort!!). So off I went to You Tube to discover what they did. Confusion also for rakes and forks! Scissors, saws, shears its all a mystery! What a shame sheds aren’t labelled like our school home economics drawers; with the picture of the item, and its name, at least that would give me a search term for research! It was quite ironic that the non slip gardening gloves available in my size were pink. I am not a pink girl at all, but it goes with the ‘Legally Blonde’ skill level in the garden and is no less objectionable than violent green that I later found online!

The other reason I am reluctant, is that my attempts at looking after the garden are not through choice, but through necessity. The garden was my husbands space, he planted the plants, and tended them. Next Thursday, it will be 5 months since he passed; and I am trying to look after things as he liked them. I would dearly like to create an oriental style to the garden, part of it is already that theme and it would be nice to extend that idea.

I hope to add more pictures next time and I hope you will share my journey, find inspiration and perhaps help me out with some gardening tips! In the meantime check out my Pinterest boards for the sorts of gardens I like.

Best wishes and thanks for reading, see you soon


2 thoughts on “Day one of my new blog, welcome to spring

  1. Congratulations on the new blog 🙂 If you ever need help with identifying tools and what they are used for just shout 😀 I tend to use very few tools – a large fork for turning the soil over (rarely use a spade!); a small short handled fork for disturbing the soil between packed plants and tweaking out weeds; occasionally a trowel for making holes for planting small plants; secateurs for pruning twiggy plants and sturdy scissors for softer stems and long handled loppers for larger diameter hard material. Edging shears (sort of right angled shears with long handles) for tidying up the lawn edges close to flower beds/borders and smaller shears for clipping the box shrubs I have. I rarely use a hoe although they are handy for getting between plants to break up the soil surface and they save bending down with a small fork 🙂 My favourite hoe is one called a ‘swoe’ – so much easier to use:) xxx


    • Ohh thanks Garden Pinks

      I seem to be quite a fan on the Dutch hoe 🙂 seems to snuggle under the soil enough to uproot the little weeds. My plan is to keep it tickled over so they don’t get ideas and over run me.

      Off to look up swoe on You Tube 😉

      luv n hugs


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